Thoughts from Opening Doors

June 21, 2008

1. If people like to spend time with you by choice, you have a positive attitude.

2. To get the best of life’s experiences, think about them, draw lessons and write them down before you forget them.

3. Judge people by seeing how they behave with their subordinates, children and elderly.

Self Esteem

June 18, 2008

One key ingredient of a positive attitude is self esteem i.e. how a person feels about himself or herself. Once in the session on Self Esteem in the Opening Doors workshop, I shared that the value of a Rs 500 currency note remains Rs 500 no matter whether the note is new or old, kept neatly in wallet or dropped on ground and has been walked over by people. People still want it as the value of the note does not decrease. Similarly, we all face situations in life where we feel we haven’t got a fair deal. We face failures, setbacks and feel that we have been let down. What is important to remember in such testing times is that a) failures are part of life; and b) our value does not decrease (just like that of the currency note)in such moments/situations.

A young lady shared after the session that the currency note example changed her thinking completely. She confided that she had recently been divorced. She felt no body liked her or respected her. She felt as if she was a burden on her parents. She had a low self esteem. The example changed her thinking about herself. She said with a fresh zeal and commitment that from now onwards she will stop feeling worthless, and get on with her life. She was pursuing a professional course in Education, was to become a teacher and lead a respectful and dignified life. All she needed was to take a fresh look at her life, and drop the burden she was carrying of feeling worthless just because she was a divorcee. We can make a difference to our lives by changing the way we think or feel about ourselves.


June 16, 2008

A positive attitude opens the doors to success in every sphere of life.

Organizations accord more importance to attitude than to knowledge or skills when recruiting. A person with a positive attitude is a quick learner, a good team player, and brings in positive energy into the group he/she belongs to.


Persons of positive attitude are popular in their organization/circle, they are perceived as approachable, helpful, transparent and trustworthy. Colleagues and friends confide in them and come to them for advice in personal and professional matters.


Now, if a positive attitude is so important to success, we must find out if we have one.  

We have designed a simple test of the key determinants of attitude to enable you to rank yourself on a scale of one to ten, and thus know where you stand on the attitide scale. The test also enables you to find out areas on which you should work to further fine-tune your atitude. 


While reactions to this post are invited here, those keen to recieve the attitude scale test and feedback tips for a personalized response – at no cost at all – can write to


In this section of the blog, we will write our views/tips, invite responses/experiences from readers, and facilitate sharing for the benefit of all of us on developing positive attitude, staying positive, and life experiences/stories of positive people.