Steps towards building a positive attitude:

September 1, 2008

• Build a high self-esteem (please refer to the posting “how to build a high self-esteem” dated 20 July 2008).
• Think positive – The best way to do this is to spend time with people who are positive thinkers and solution-oriented.
• Learn to listen and appreciate the point of view of others. We get to meet different people every day. They have their one views, personality traits, likes and dislikes. Difference of opinions is bound to occur. We need to accept this and practice listening to the views of others even if they are not in conformity with our own views. It helps in developing a positive attitude. This also shows the attitude of being respectful towards others. Moreover, this approach pus us on a constant curve of learning from others.
• Do your work as well as you can and do it enthusiastically. Enthusiasm brings the best out of us, and makes us think of innovative and better ways of doing work, acquire new skills and strive for excellence.
• Be humble. Humility is the hallmark of persons having a positive attitude. Success never gets into their heads. They are not arrogant or proud of their achievements.

Ever noticed how one has to bend forward while scaling a mountain – the conquest being inclined to humility.