A flying-high attitude

…The flight was about to take off. The announcement requesting passengers to switchoff their mobile phones had been made. However, the man sitting a row ahead of me would not oblige. The airhostess requested him again. I could not listen to their conversation but the body language conveyed it all. The man was agitated, arrogant and defiant. The airhostess was polite and patient, yet firm. Finally, he complied after he was done with his rude behaviour. The plane took off and the crew got busy with their service. Despite what had happened, the airhostess kept on attending to his frequent demands for food, drinks and various complaints. He was the most demanding passenger on board. After a while, the man felt uneasiness and needed some attention. The same airhostess attended to him, got him some medicine, followed by a drink. The man felt better and for the fist time in the journey smiled and thanked the airhostess. She smiled back, said “ My pleasure, Sir”, and moved on.

Later, I appreciated the airhostess for her attitude and asked her how can she keep her cool at such times, and if she really liked her work. She said, “ Yes, I like my work. It gives me a chance to see different places, meet different people and attend to their needs. I have flown with passengers going to attend funerals of their close family members or friends, I try my best to console them and cheer them up. Some travel with anxiety of a critical business meeting and are tense and so on”. She also shared that majority of passengers are very nice and courtesous.

… the lesson is simple. The airhostess saw more positive points in her work than negatives. She found relevance in her wok. She remembered good behaviour of most passengers and this gave her strength to forget the rudeness of some. In short, she took pride in her work, and that attitude helped her always.

Take pride in your work – It is an important attitude that brings the best out of you. The best way to develop this attitude for all of us is to make a list of things that we like in our work, and keep the broader perspective in mind. Just like there are some rude passegers while flying, there are some things/issues/people that we may not like in our work. We should not let them affect us. We should rather find a way to work with them. Taking pride in our work is necessary to give our best service. A flying-high attitude, indeed.


3 Responses to A flying-high attitude

  1. Indrani says:

    Taking pride in our work is realy important. We spend the major part of our time at work and interact with a large number of peope daily who may be our superiors, colleagues, subordinates or outsiders. The experiences gained during while performing our duties may not always be pleasant. At times we may be overcome by a feeling that we are doing a thankless job and nobody appreciates our efforts. But if we choose to remain calm and patient and treat others as we want them to treat us it will definitely make a difference. When we take pride in our work there isa sense of involvement and a passion to excel. These things really pay off in the long run.

  2. dr geeta says:

    “A Flying High Attitude”
    good for one’s health and humanity. But is it possible? practically not really, once a while may be. Many times one reacts.You are out to protect your self respect, keeping aside the risk of loosing job or promotion. I take my own job properly. I am proud to be a doctor working in a goverment hospital.Yes, I do take lots of bullshit and then try to forget. My this attitude has been introduced to me by your simple story.

  3. sultan mirza says:

    This brief account of what happened in flight is a common occurance many a times one observes while in a flight.I too used to get surprized at the cool responses of the crew members to the offensive behaviour of some passengers at times. In my opinion this quality is a foremost pre-requisit for getting selected as a crew member and for that matter in any hospitality industry. But for this one stands no chance to continue in the job for obvious reasons.
    I feel that it’s not because of the pride one takes in one’s job but because of one’s innate cool nature which is either in-born or developed through continual practice over a long time. whatever, it is a “sine qua non” for success. One should “respond” to any negative stimuli, should not “react”. I need not explain the difference between these words!

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