Welcoming the Undercover Agent of Change

This is my first post of the New Year. I’d like to start by thanking all those who found time to read my blog in 2009 and all those who wrote insightful comments.

I wish the year 2010 opens the doors of success for all.

In the Opening Doors workshops, I often show participants a picture of a door that is slightly open and ask a question: Why is the door slightly open?

Interesting responses emerge indicating how success is perceived by people. I particularly enjoy interacting with youngsters. Their naïve responses come straight from the heart.

At one such workshop, a young girl replied, “The door to success is not closed on anyone”. At another workshop, a boy said, “We can get in if we try hard.”

That the door to success is not closed on anyone tells us to have faith – the prerequisite for success. We all CAN succeed in life. It’s all a matter of defining our goals. The boy’s response turns the spotlight on the role our efforts play in attaining goals. There is no substitute for hard work. We have to persevere to achieve our goals, overcoming hurdles on the way.

“Opportunities come and go. It is for us to tap them,” is the third recipe for success given by another young friend that I would like to elucidate. Success is all about making use of opportunities that come our way.

But if it is that simple, why do some of us miss that proverbial knock at the door? Well, Its’ because opportunities often come dressed as something else and we fail to see through the disguise. Let me explain: How often have we been asked to volunteer for an assignment beyond the framework of our regular activities – in our school/college days or in our workplaces. It may be a taking part in an extracurricular activity like theatre, sport, organizing an event, delivering a speech, making a presentation or taking on the additional work of an absent colleague or a vacant post? Some would respond to the assignments grudgingly, looking on them as a burden. Others may accept the new roles positively, and end up gaining new knowledge and even tapping their hidden talent. It is such people who have availed of the disguised opportunity (the knock that actually never discriminates between doors) which opened up a new world to them.

let’s conclude that the door to success is neither fully open nor closed. We need to develop the ability to identify the opening, and get in.

Have a great 2010 and pay heed to that knock at the door.


4 Responses to Welcoming the Undercover Agent of Change

  1. Profound insights, Afsar. Sometimes, however a door may appear to be locked – all we have to do is to go ahead purposefully and push it open rather than hesitating and wondering whether it will be possible to unlock it. At other times a door may actually be locked and we just stand in front of it waiting for the key without noticing that next to it another door has opened!

  2. Jolly Dawar says:

    Everything said on “success” is true. We may also think on the lines that success is “on-going”. One should not conclude on achieving it once and being satisfied for the rest of the life. Success in every sphere of life is as important as it is in professional life.

  3. vibha says:

    Very interesting post Afsir. Looking at another door that has opened or making an entry through a narrow opening, all this is about stretching lil beyond your comfort zone, with the faith that it has better things in store for that point in time.

    The last bit of your post is the crux…develop the ability to identify the opening and get in.

  4. Sunetra says:

    I strongly feel that success comes through passion and perseverance. These two ingredients can take you to the greatest heights and even open closed doors.

    To quote a few quotations:

    “Nothing great has ever been achieved without PASSION”

    “When you want something deeply, even the heavens conspire to get it for you”
    Meaning that the underlying passion for the goal, be it anything can actually bring about circumstances that move you towards your goals, in other words Success.

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