The day you don`t win…

March 15, 2010

There was an inter-school competition of music bands. Several schools participated. Children played their well-rehearsed tunes in front of a large audience, mostly parents and children from participating schools. Young children had put in a great effort for months and so had their music teachers in training them. Judges had a tough time deciding the winner. However, only one band had to win. As the result was announced, the winners threw up their instruments in joy, embraced each other, and were joined by their supporters. Other bands were dejected, showed their disappointment in several ways and gradually started dispersing. Some strongly felt that the judgement was not fair and went up to the organizers to complain.

Amidst all this, a nice tune was heard, being played by a band, which had also lost. This band was walking back in the same disciplined a manner it had gone to perform. What a way to behave when you don’t win!

All were surprised for a moment. Then there was applause much louder than what was given, even to the winner band. As the band walked by the stands, it received a standing ovation. It may not have won the trophy but it had won hearts. It was a true winner on the day because it had shown how to accept the not-favorable-result in a dignified manner.

We don’t win all the time. No body does. Important point is not to behave as a loser. Instead of complaining, it is important to reflect and learn from the experience that each failure provides. This attitude, coupled with hard work, ultimately leads to success in realization of goals.

History tells us that each success story is the story of great failures. Have faith in yourself.  Not wining a competition does not mean you were not good just as winning does not mean you were the best.