The goal that you want to score…

May 15, 2010


A farmer had cultivated a bountiful crop on his land. His land was surrounded by an arid land. A passer by said to the farmer, “You are really lucky to have got this piece of land.” The farmer replied, “Yes, indeed. But you should have seen the amount of work I had to do to cultivate the luck on my piece of land!” The message is loud and clear. The key to success is hard work. We make plans but not all of us put in the amount of hard work required to achieve our plans. This requires some thinking. 

First, If the farmer in the story had no interest in farming, would he have put in the amount of work he did. Most probably not. So, it is important to choose goals carefully, based on interest and aptitude. We need to introspect and rethink about what we want to achieve. Once we choose a goal of our liking, we are more likely to put in our best.   

Second, we want to achieve our goals quickly and when it takes time, we get frustrated and give up. A man went up to a musician after he ended his performance and said, “I can give my life to be able to play like you do”. The musician replied, “What else you think I did.”   It calls for consistent hard work to excel at something. Every thing is difficult before it becomes easy. Riding through the difficult times and not giving up is the key.

So, careful selection of goals, keeping our interest and aptitude in mind, and patiently pursuing them are two important points. It is good to dream of success but be prepared to slog in order to convert dreams into reality. Success is not easy. Luck only favours hard work. I wish there was some other way to become lucky.