Let me be on my own please…

July 25, 2010


“Almost everyone has suggestions for us… as if adolescence is a disease or something… do this and don’t do that. I am responsible and I know the consequences of my action… why can’t I be allowed to be on my own,” mentioned a young girl to me once.    

I would like to put up this comment for discussion in Youth café, inviting perspectives of parents, youth as well as experts.

Parents/guardians are requested to share their perspective on why do they offer their do’s and don’ts prescription to their kids who do not appreciate it always.

Young people are requested to share their views, particularly on the extent and manner in which they would like to receive suggestions of their parents/guardians.  

Opinion of academicians, experts and counselors is requested to add value to this deliberation.    

I would be happy to moderate this discussion and present a summary towards the end.