Smart Parenting


I thank Jasim, Dr. Anurag Verma, Divya and Rituu for commenting on my previous post let me be on my own please

Echoing views of adolescents, Jasim feels it is a survival instinct to become less dependant on parents as we grow old. Therefore, it is normal for adolescents not to like frequent instructions.

Divya presented the parents’ perspective beautifully by quoting Elizabeth Stone – “Making the decision to have a child is like deciding forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” By regularly advising and instructing their children, parents are simply trying to protect their ‘heart’. She also stressed on the importance of communication between parents and children.

Rituu shared her own example, “I was always given pros and cons of what my action would lead to and then the decision was left to me. I never remember my parents nagging me to study, not to watch TV and so on. They were smart, they left it to me.” In her view, elders or parents simply need to explain the consequences of actions to their children and empower them to feel responsible for their life.

Dr. Anurag Verma, a Paediatrician, feels a child is an independent individual. This needs to be realised by parents. He cautions parents about  putting too much pressure on children and attempt to realise their own unfulfilled desires through children. Parents need to set examples and allow space for their children to follow their own dreams.

These certainly are some very useful tips on smart parenting.


One Response to Smart Parenting

  1. Indrani says:

    Good parenting is an art in itself. Success lies in bridging the generation gap so that children are able to confide in and share their feelings / experiences with parents without fear of rebuke , criticism or comparisons with other kids. Nowadays times are changing. We find many youngsters choosing non-traditional careers like music, films, wildlife photography and sports. Credit goes to their parents for having the faith in their children. When kids stand on the threshold of youth parents should become their friends and guide. The relationship developed on this footing is rich and everlasting.

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