when the going gets tough…

September 28, 2010

There comes a situation in life when you are under tremendous pressure. You are surrounded by challenges, and feel things not working out despite the best of your efforts. There are critics all around you who are bent upon sabotaging you and your efforts. You are stressed, tense and start losing confidence in yourself.

 We all face situation like this in our professional life. People deal with situations differently.Sure there are more than one ways to respond. I propose the following:

  • Let go of some things:  You can’t do every thing at the same time. Think and prioritize. Delegate some if you can. Even if you can’t delegate, there are always somethings which can wait. Very often, smaller and trivial things take too much of our time and we can’t focus on critical things. The moment you do that, you will feel lighter.
  • Focus on key things and identify the most central issue that requires attention. Find the best way to address this. Once we focus on key issue, very often smaller issues get resolved on their own.   
  • Communicate with those who matter:  Most of the time, we attempt to solve a problem on our own. In a set up, there are people who are also responsible and need to play a role.  Talk to them. An honest communication is always appreciated by bosses as well as colleagues.  
  • Don’t blame yourself for what has happened. There is always a way out to solve a problem. Remember, you are concerned because you feel responsible. The same sense of responsibility will help you find solutions.
  • Find time to do things that make you happy. It is always a good idea not to think about the problem for a while. Go out and spend time with friends, have a nice meal, watch a movie or do something that makes you happy.   If you switch of from your problems for some time and do things that entertain you, you will get a lot of positive energy. A few hours spent like this will get you fresh ideas to deal with the situation.

Finally, believe in yourself. You have come out of situation like this before. Haven’t you? Same is going to be the case this time as well.