Could have I done it earlier?

October 29, 2010


On my earlier post, when the going gets tough, a person sent me an email asking, “How do you ensure quality when you have multiple deadlines and several tasks at hand?”

 Multitasking does affect quality of work and that is why most people feel that are at their best when they focus on one thing at a time.  But unfortunately it is not possible always. We end up getting into situations that require attention on several deliverables at the same time. 

 Let me begin by sharing an experience. Having finished a pending assignment, when I ask myself could have I done it earlier. Most often the answer is yes. Perhaps, you may also realize the same if you asked yourself this question. This means most of us suffer from the habit of procrastination, and this is the main cause of arriving at a situation when we end up handling several deadlines at the same time. So, not postponing and developing an attitude of Just-do- it now helps.

Second, make things to do list every week and start your day by looking at it. You may have to add some new ones and delete the ones which have been completed. Five minutes of planning spent every morning help in a big way.   

 Third, managing time at work is the key. We do spend time on attending meetings, breaks, emails, phones etc. We can always get better in our time management. A bit of extra time spent on an assignment can make a big difference on quality. 

Fourth, we must try to be more efficient. We need to do things better and faster. As we improve our efficiency, we can accomplish the same task in less time

 My submission is that with careful planning, enhancing efficiency, better time management, and an attitude of just-do-it now, we can avoid situations when we have to meet several deadlines, if not always but most of the times. However, the key is to be quality conscious.