Font size and design in powerpoint presentation

“ I am sorry if you can’t read this slide,” said a presenter. The slide had too much text in small font size, including a graph.  One wonders why is such a slide included in the presentation when it can’t be read by the audience.

I wrote in the earlier post about keeping the slide text light.  Font size of the text matters a lot. If the text on slides is less, we can manage the font size and we have room to make it  bigger aesthetically.  Main points that must be kept in mind while deciding about the font size are the number of audience attending the presentation, size of the room as well as size of the screen on which projection is to be made.

Design elements and animation play a very important role too.  One may choose the colours of his liking but they should pass two tests:

Is the slide text readable; and

Does the slide have a good visual appeal?

Run the slide show on the screen and see how does that look, particularly when lights are dim during the presentation. It is useful to avoid using too many different colours, and very dark background colours .  Consistency in font size and colour scheme is very important.

Remember, visual appeal of your slides catches the attention of your audience. It is worth spending some time on it.


One Response to Font size and design in powerpoint presentation

  1. Tahmina says:

    Thanks, a very useful advice. It is important to keep the audience interested in and indeed to help to get the right and readable idea during the presentation.

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