Chak de India: the real moment

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was not even born when Kapil Dev proudly lifted the world cup trophy at the Lords in 1983.

Sachin Tendulkar must have watched Kapil as a ten year old kid. He lived with the dream of doing it again for India.

The dream was realized 28 years later.  Team India won the Cricket world cup 2011 in Mumbai on 2nd April beating Sri Lanka. India came close on two earlier occasions though. In 1996, India was beaten in semi finals and in 2003 in the finals.

Sachin was part of the Indian team on both the occasions. Winning the world cup was the only feat that eluded the little maestro who has already achieved perhaps everything that is humanly possible. Therefore, it was nice to see him part of the world cup winning team.  It was such a delightful sight to see Indian players mention that they did it for India and they did it for Sachin.  Well done Sachin, well done Dhoni and well done Team India. Keep it up!

This is an incredible moment for India. I would particularly like to salute Ramakant  Achrekar, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s 79-year-old former coach,  Not at the best of his health now, he watches Sachin play on television and feels great. I am sure, Saturday night must have been very special for him.  Thank you very much, Achrekar Sir! You gave us Sachin.

On Saturday night, I also remembered late Askari  Hasan, who organized the All India Sheesh  Mahal Cricket Tournament in Lucknow for over 50 years.  I had first seen Kapil dev play in this tournament.  Several test players were seen in this summer tournament every year. Despite his ill health and lack of regular support, Askari sahib, an ardent Cricket lover organized this tournament for 54 years till he died. But not before he had managed to pass it the Sahara group which promised to continue this oldest tournament in India. I hope Sahara does it regularly and continues the legacy of Askari sahib.

Services of coaches like Ramakant Achrekar and organizers like Askari Hasan must be remembered as India celebrates this glorious moment of its Cricket history.


4 Responses to Chak de India: the real moment

  1. M N Afaque says:

    Surely a moment to cherish.

    Team india and indeed the captain, demonstrated many leadership and team management strategies, which need to be observed, analysed and practiced.

    Congrats each and every person behind this achievement.

  2. DrAnuragVerma says:

    Indians play from their hearts and less from the brains ,the Gambhir/ Dhoni innings stand testimony to that,the SriLankans gave nothing away,the indians just powered themselves to glory,enjoying every moment.Chak de phatte!!!

  3. S M Baqar says:

    As a 22 yr old mohalla level cricketer I was also extremely happy in 1983 but this time I am not that much happy.Reason is not that I am 49 and no more interested in cricket. Reason is that I am not sure that this is the most deserving bunch of 11 players who won the cup. We all know favourtism, nepotism and foul play prevalent in subcontinent sports. 2 promising state level cricketers have commit sucide in UP (India). Mother of a desperate zonal cricketer, who scored heavily in domestic circuit, offered money to selectors for selecting his son in national team. Who knows how many tendulakars, dhonis and gambhirs will be watching the world cup final with tears in eyes!

  4. Indrani says:

    Team India deserves all the appreciation for their victory. Behind this win the work of some unknown faces was surely there, those who are not that popular but we have to give them credit for their contribution to this grand success.

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