When you are two-down…


The final soccer game was in full swing. Two arch rival clubs were playing for the cup. The winners of the previous year were down by two goals. They tried hard but had missed a couple of chances. At the half-time break, the coach called his boys and asked,”Do you think heaven would fall if you don’t win today”? As the team stood in silence, he continued,” Try as hard as you can in the second half but remember you don’t win every day.”

The assistant coach was puzzled. After the team left to play the second half, he asked the coach, “I don’t understand what you just said. You seem to have conveyed that even if they lose this title match, it is not a big deal.” 

The coach said I felt the pressure of winning was too much on the team. They missed a number of chances only due to this pressure. All I tried to do was to ease that pressure. You must always play to win but be ready to accept the defeat as well.  His advice must have worked as his team bounced back in the second half and won the game.

 What works in a soccer game, works in life too! Find ways to ease out the pressure on you. 

Life is short. Have goals and strive hard to achieve them but be ready to face occasional failures. No one wins always. It is very important to enjoy what you have. Happiness is more in the process of perusing goals. Check if you are running too fast to achieve something and not giving attention to those who love you and need you. Ease the pressure, look around and find things that make you & others happy. Don’t be surprised if this gives you energy and zeal to pursue your goals more vigorously.


3 Responses to When you are two-down…

  1. Indrani says:

    This is so true. But we are often chasing dreams and targets forgetting to pause and look at the beauty of the present moment. For example while driving to office our eyes are only on the traffic but we can also admire the blossoming trees near the pavements when we stop at the signal for a while. More than the ultimate goal or objective let us also enjoy the process of getting there. Thanks for this lovely post.

  2. M N Afaque says:

    Very convincing thought.

    We often forget or rather overlook the things happening around us,keeping our eyes iced on our goals.
    We observed a mandatory “Strategic Time outs” in all form of sports & competitions, even recently in IPL, so why not we give ourselves a “time out”. Breathe fresh air and start flying again.

    “Lets start breathing”

  3. divya says:

    Its literary true. The fear of the other team winning got the better of us and we ended up as the Runner-up in the TT tournament!

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