I don’t feel like going to work…

 There are phases when one feels low at work. Motivation to do things takes a nosedive. You don’t look forward going to work. Others may not know but you yourself know that you are not performing at your optimal level. How does one keep his motivation at work against all odds?

How to keep one’s excitement amidst mundane and monotonous activities is one of the challenges. Complacency sets in after doing a job for some time. An attitude of assuming new tasks and responsibility helps here. It allows for new learning and also opens doors for career growth. So, go ahead and explore if you can do something different and new. Newer assignments should not be seen as burden. They are actually opportunities that one should make use of.

De-motivation also stems from unhappiness. Try to find out what makes you unhappy. Ask yourself, what is bothering you? Can you do something about it? True, we can’t address all causes but we can do something for some of them at least. If you don’t like some of the tasks assigned to you, remember you are not the only one who feels like this. No one enjoys all aspects of his job. The approach should be to draw energy from the tasks that you like to do and deliver your best even on the ones that you don’t apparently enjoy so much.

Another critical issue is the work-life balance. At times we get so absorbed in work that there is hardly any time for family and friends. In some situations, some personal or family issue takes a heavy toll on us and we find it difficult to concentrate on work. Workers who have a happy family life are generally more motivated and hence better performers. A good news is that happiness can also be created by doing small things with colleagues, with family and with friends. It is very important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. One needs to ensure that adequate time is spent with family despite work pressures.

Hope we all look forward to going to work when we wake up in the morning. We should also not forget the fact that we are blessed to have a job as not everyone has one. Many wake up every morning wondering where can they find work or even a day’s earning.


2 Responses to I don’t feel like going to work…

  1. M N Afaque says:

    Yes Thanks to GOD that we are bleseed with some job to do.
    There is a old saying that ” one can take the horse to water but cannot make it drink”. So unless we feel motivated to work, we could not put our best.

  2. Indrani says:

    Work life balance holds the key to a fulfilling career and a contented family life. Many a times the scales are tilted on one side which is pretty normal. However, we should not allow such times to last very long.

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