Get, Set, Go

October 30, 2013

You are getting ready to deliver a pubic speech.  It will be useful to go through the following check list to ensure that you are all set:

  • I know my audience.
  • My speech is within the time allotted to me.
  • I have decided on my central message. Ask yourself once again: why should the audience listen to you?
  • I have planned a “good beginning”- to catch the attention of my audience.
  • I know about the venue: correct address, seating arrangements, availability of necessary equipment: public address system, projector, computer etc.
  • I know where I will I stand, how will I face the audience to maintain a good eye contact.
  • I have planned “how to end my speech.”

Now the main job begins – to deliver the speech effectively. What makes you an effective speaker? Several things: richness of ideas that you speak about, clarity of expression, the humility that you demonstrate while you speak (nobody likes an arrogant speaker with an I know it all attitude!), ability to keep the audience with you during the speech…but above all it is your enthusiasm.

Your speech should demonstrate your interest in speaking, your interest in the topic and your commitment to the issue. Speak with passion. Speak from the heart. You will not only be heard, you will inspire your audience.  People like to be with enthusiastic persons and listen to them.

Mary Marcdante puts it up so well, “Whether they burst with excitement or simmer quietly, when you’re in the presence of enthusiastic people, you feel happier and more excited about your life, perhaps you even feel inspired…”