How to make the best of training

Whether we conduct a training programme or attend one, we want to make the best out of it. I would like to believe so. I just finished an international training programme. I have been conducting this course for the last six years.   I used to ask participants in the last session:  how would you apply the learning of the course? I would get responses but often not very concrete ones.

How to help participants internalize the learning of the course and apply it in their work was always in mind. I did it differently this time. In the opening session, I spoke on “How to make the best out of this training” and shared the following points:

  • Listen to understand: Learning happens only when we listen to understand. We should listen to understand the ideas, concepts and approaches.
  • Participate actively but keep your interventions “brief” and “relevant”: Number of times we notice long discussions during training programmes which deviate from the central theme and do not serve any purpose. Even when participants agree on ground rules to keep their interventions short, not everyone follows them.
  • After every session think and write: What can I apply in my work and how?

These ideas were reiterated throughout the course, including the recap of every day’s learning.  It helped.  The participants were more engaged, looked for solutions and were found sharing ideas with each other during breaks.  The fact that they had to write down action point from each session made them more attentive, focused and results-oriented.

And, we planned the last session on: “How will we apply the learning of the course in our work?” The participants went back to their session-wise notes and came up with specific action points. I was pleased to listen to their ideas for action. I hope they would implement them. I also intend to remind them from time to time.


4 Responses to How to make the best of training

  1. Masuma Jafri says:

    This was so nice. Thank you. It helped give insite to how also to benefit from speeches as in a way they are to help daily life training and thinking.

    • Syed Mohammad Afsar says:

      Dear Masuma,
      Thank you. You are absolutely right. This idea can be used to benefit from lectures and speeches we listen to, not just in training courses.
      warm regards,

  2. rachna singh says:

    This is very good, ” listen to understand” and talking abt it in the beginning of the session/ training is a good idea.

  3. Indrani says:

    Many of the training programs we attend are very stereotyped and are conducted just to meet targets. However, now the trend is changing and we have follow up training programs to ascertain from the participants what difference the training made and what further changes could be made in the curriculum for the next training. I think that when we go to attend a training we should empty ourselves of any pre concieved ideas and absorb what is being imparted to get the maximum benefits. Yes we have to learn to listen and be brief in our comments.

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