Learn to live with less

September 29, 2016

Once a farmer lost his watch in the barn. He wanted to get it back at all costs because he had some sentimental value attached to it. He searched for a long time and did not find it. He then took the help of some children who were playing nearby. The children went inside the barn but could not find the watch either. The farmer got very disappointed. Just when he was about to give up, a little boy came and asked to give him another chance. The farmer agreed and the boy went into the barn alone. After a while the boy came out with the watch in his hand!

The farmer was very happy. He asked the boy how he succeeded while everyone else had failed to locate the watch. The boy replied, “I simply sat on the ground in silence. In silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and just looked for it in that direction.”

Silence brings peace and a peaceful mind can think better than a worked up and preoccupied mind!

What should we do to have a peaceful mind?

I once had a colleague whose office desk used to be very clean always. Even if there were a few papers or files he would keep them neatly. Files or papers would never occupy more than 10 per cent of his desk’s space. The rest was just an open space. Once I was in his office and a visitor walked in. Surprised to see his clean desk, he commented, “Either you have very little work or you are very efficient to dispense off your work quickly.” My colleague answered, “I don’t know if I am efficient but I think better working on a cleaner desk rather than the one which is full of papers and documents.”

This indeed is a profound thought!

We feel better and think well when there is more space around us, be it in our office or at home. Unfortunately, we have the habit of accumulating things whether we use them or not. This takes unnecessary space, both physical as well as mental as we remain concerned to do something with our possessions. We can certainly live with less. It will help to ‘let things go’ and take up a cleaning drive from time to time.

I wonder how people can manage 3-4 bank accounts, 8-10 different credit cards, 2-3 phones, 3-4 different loans and so on. Our mind is always crowded.  Moments of silence and peace are few. We are becoming less creative. When we lose a watch, we waste time looking for it, rather than sit in silence and listen to its ticking.