Make decision making a habit

If you are learning how to drive, you do as the instructor says – slow down, speed up, or stop. However, once you have learnt driving, you don’t need instructions anymore. Taking driving decisions gets ingrained in your mind, you take decisions without even realizing.

Can we make decision making a habit? We can perhaps draw some insights from the driving experience itself.

The goal should be clear:
A driver knows where to go. He gets into the vehicle and starts driving. Decision making needs to be seen in the context of goal, whether personal or organizational. “What do we want to achieve” is our goal; and “what should we do to achieve our goal” is the decision we need to make. When the connection is clear, we are more likely to decide and act.

Turn-off distractions: A driver, no matter how much skilled he/she is, may make mistakes and get into an accident when distracted. It could be thinking about something else, talking over the phone or talking with someone in the car. Likewise, we get absorbed into so many things that we become oblivious of our goal and important things in life. Mobile phone has become the biggest distraction in our life now. In one of my earlier posts, I made a suggestion: create mobile switch off hours. We need to create free mental space for ourselves in order to think, prioritize and act.

Take decisions which are important: We don’t need to just take decisions, we need to take important decisions. Important decisions are the decisions that are linked to our goals, relationships and health. In most cases, we seem to neglect one over the other. Think which of these you have been neglecting. It may well turn out to be the most important one in your life.

Develop ‘Just do it now’ attitude: Don’t think much. Life is short. Imagine if you had limited time to live what would you do. Go ahead and do it as you actually have limited time. This attitude is a good way to make decision making a habit.

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