Dreams should have no boundaries

A teacher once asked a boy to write on what he wanted to be when he grew up. The young boy had a troubled childhood. His father was a horse trainer, who trained horses moving from stable to stable. As a result, his schooling was interrupted too. The boy wrote – I would like to be owner of a horse ranch – and wrote details about it, including a drawing of his house in the ranch. The teacher returned his answer sheet marked with an ‘F’ on the front page. When asked for reasons, the teacher said the dream was unrealistic for a boy of his background and limited means. The teacher asked him to be realistic and rewrite the assignment. The boy thought for several days, consulted his father and then brought the same paper to his teacher, without making any changes. He told his teacher, ‘you keep your ‘F’ and I will keep my dream.”

The boy grew up to be known as Monty Roberts. He is a well-known horse trainer who owns a beautiful house in the middle of 200-acre horse ranch. Monty Roberts still has that school paper, which he has framed and keeps over the fireplace. He has mastered the technique of training horses in a non-violent manner and is the author of the famous book – The Man Who Listens to Horses.

I have shared this anecdote because I recently read – The Secret – a book by Rhonda Byrne. The book is about the law of attraction, and includes perspectives of several people around the world who have successfully applied the law of attraction into their lives.

Simply put, the law of attraction means you become what you think. If you think positive, you attract positive results. Universe helps you achieve what you hold in your thoughts. Buddha seems to be the first one to have introduced the law of attraction to the world. The book is full of examples showing that the law of attraction actually works.

However, I had a doubt. I was wondering how realistic should we be in our aspirations. And, I was looking for answers until I read the Monty Robert’s story.

Now, there is clarity. Let there be no bars on your dreams. Thinking big should not be constrained by your current situation. We must of course have a realistic plan to achieve our dreams, which should be pursued with full vigour; and a never give up attitude.

Dream big and think positive always. It helps us tap into the unlimited potential that we are blessed with.

2 Responses to Dreams should have no boundaries

  1. M N Afaque says:

    yes, i always wonder how people achieve their great dreams. Which seems impossible during the early stages. It is their commitment and self-belief. I am surely going to read – The Secret.. soon. Thanks, Sir

  2. Syed Mohammad Afsar says:

    Thanks, Afaque, nice to hear from you. warm regards

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